Trigger Point Injections

Triggering Your Life’s Reawakening

Do you suffer from muscle pain that gets worse upon touch? You are likely a candidate for trigger point injections. As a very effective treatment for pain relief, the injection provides immediate relief.

A trigger point is a tight band or knot in the muscle. The knot forms when the muscle cannot relax and causes the muscle to twitch involuntarily. This irritates the nerves causing a referred pain. Referred pain is pain that is felt in a part of the body that is not the source of the pain. These injections are used for patients dealing with chronic headaches, fibromyalgia or myofascial syndrome.

Other Ailments Treated With these Injections Are:

  • Chronic tension headache
  • Myofascial pain disorders
  • Tension in back, arms, legs and neck
  • Fibromyalgia

You can have injections on an as-needed basis, or regularly. Your doctor will decide a pain management schedule based on what medications are being used and your level of discomfort. You can expect to be on the road to recovery and get back to your regular routine with the aid of trigger point injections.

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